Immersed in the versatility and culture of Indian handloom, this mother-son duo are a powerhouse of design ideas. Akshat and Anita find their inspiration in unity and their bond is a mirror reflection of that. In the world smothered by fast fashion, this designer duo is on a mission to revive the lost richness and authenticity. AM embodies their passion in raw and exclusive fabrics like chanderi, organza, linen and silk. Their meticulous detailing is what sets their designs apart. Be it intricate applique work or hand-embroidered cord embroidery or gota work, their eye for perfection breathes life into their designs.

Coming from a humble background and an undying love for creating meaningful fashion, Anita and her son Akshat established AM. A brand quintessence of strong design values, progressive thinking and breaking stereotypes. 

With more than 35 years of experience, Anita and Akshat are still beaming with ideas to take their brand a notch higher. They firmly believe that an outfit is nothing but a piece of cloth put together, until it connects with its buyer’s personality. Keeping this belief intact is their razor-sharp focus towards the design and aesthetics that mould their outfits.

This designer duo exemplifies “we’re not done yet”. After an overwhelming response to its retail presence and pan-India exhibitions, AM has now stepped into the online world of fashion. The decision is inspired by Akshat’s vision of not wanting to make its customers wait and making the brand available to them - just a click away!



AM was born by breaking stereotypes and conventions, when Anita after 10 years of marriage and 3 children decided to pursue her life-long dream. In today’s times where spreading body positivity is so critical, AM was born with this vision. Popularly known as the “custom size store”, AM envisions breaking conventional sizing standards of fashion and designing outfits unique to every customer and body type. At AM, inclusivity and comfort is what we try to achieve as we clad our beautiful women in the finest of fabrics, one outfit at a time. 



AM finds its roots in Bengal’s culturally rich city of Kolkata. Our belief in the heritage of Indian handlooms and handicrafts inspires us to mould fashion in a way that revives the timeless beauty of pure karigari.

We are supported and sustained by a team of humble karigars who are the torchbearers of pure craftsmanship and brilliance. They help us bring our creative ideas to life, right from concept to creation. Their love and perseverance towards their art is awe-inspiring. AM takes pride in providing a platform to these artistic marvels to showcase their brilliance.